Dinosaurs are fantastic creatures. They are popularly associated with those spine-chilling Jurassic World and Jurassic Park films. The way these creatures roar, walk and flap their rudimentary wings can give you an adrenaline pump. During their existence, they used to rule the ancient world. Though it’s unlikely that you’ll see them in flesh, you can still feel their existence through their recreations. At Innova Tech, we’re dedicated designers, creators, manufacturers, and installers of quality animatronic Dinosaurs. We’re the leading China animatronic dinosaur suppliers and beyond.

Multiple usages

With the use of professional experience, we design the highest quality dinosaurs with lifelike features. The dinosaurs we create are adored by many visitors and are great for use in museums, theme parks, shopping malls, city plazas, children playgrounds, and exhibitions. They are excellent replicas of real pre-historic monsters.

Custom designs for different tastes!

We have different types of theme dinos for you to choose from. Among the popular options include an animatronic dinosaur, robotic dinosaurs, dinosaur costume, and simulation dinosaurs. We customize them based on design, color, size, and shape. The sizes vary ranging from 1-60 meters in length. They come with real-life functionalities such as opening and closing of the mouth, blinking of the eyes, up and down movement of the head, roaring, breathing, and movement of the tail. They can also move the necks right and left and so much more.

Easy programming and control

Our robotic dinosaurs come with all the needed accessories ranging including interactive controller box, cables, infrared sensors, introduction boards, speaker and rockery and more. They are very responsive and easy to control. Just like real dinosaurs, they can scream, roar, and wag their tails, and dance to music. Our dinosaurs can do virtually anything depending on how you want them to act or function. They’re pretty simple to program. You can use different control modes ranging from a remote control, automatic coin operation, and button sensing and more.

High-quality materialsYour-Reliable-China-Animatronic-Dinosaur-Suppliers-in-China-INNOVA-Tech

To create the best quality products, we use fine quality materials that are both weather and waterproof. They cannot be affected by adverse outdoor weather conditions and can last for long. Some of the materials used include stainless steel, silicone rubber, high-density foam and diluent and more. The dinosaurs are electric power operated and requires a power supply of 110/220V. The leading time varies from 15 days to one month based on the size of the dinosaur.

Reliable installation

To ensure that you enjoy the best experience, we provide custom installation, maintenance, and repair. Proper installation is paramount to ensure that all dinosaurs are working as expected. Whether it is the remote that has become unresponsive or the tail that is not moving, we can help correct any issue. With proper maintenance and repair, you can be assured of more fun. All the products come with a generous one-year warranty.


Dinosaurs are amazing creatures. The stories and theories surrounding them are frightening. Their appearance and evolution are also very thrilling. Even though they no longer exist, you can still find their perfect recreations. Contact us today at Innova Tech China for high-quality custom made dinosaurs.