Innova Technology team had attend the 19th ATRAX Amusement Attraction Exhibition in Feb,2019,in Istanbul,Turkey. ATRAX – The Amusement-Attraction, Park-Recreation Industry and Services Exhibition, is the first and only specialized exhibition of Turkey and neighboring countries where large projects in the entertainment industry are being realized. Filling an important niche of sector related events in the ever growing amusement, recreation sector, ATRAX Exhibition is attracting record number of visitors from Europe, Africa, Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Turkic Republics thanks to Istanbul’s unique geography and strategic location.

We dispatched our star employees to attend this fair,including Mr.Dinosaur,Ms Peony and Panda Family,and of course,our sales leader-Mr.Can Alan.

First day, local site temperature was extremely low due to the snow, empty hall frozen our heart. Fortunately, the following two days are excellent, many visitors came continuously. It’s really an amazing journey for us, we met many old friends here and made many new friends. And whatsmore, we even been interviewed by local media, Mr.Dino performed very well-he scared the lady^^.

INNOVA team had built over 5 big and small dinosaur parks in Turkey,including the biggest dinosaur of Turkey-50m long brachiosaurus, and we had set up a professional maintenance service team in Turkey to assist all Turkey and Europe clients, then, Innova Tech Company is the best choice for your amusement park.