It comes a time when you want to invest some thousands of dollars in Realistic Dinosaur Costume Suppliers in China, but how will you choose a reliable and credible supplier? As an expert manufacturer and exporter in the business, we would love to give the best products possible at affordable prices. INNOVA TECH is a professional and High-Quality Realistic Dinosaur Costume Manufacturers & Exporters in China. And specialize in the production of simulation dinosaur, robotic dinosaur, dinosaur costume adult and animatronic dinosaur where we use integrated equipment and methods to give top-notch products.

What makes us the best!

Our company is the 1st and only joint venture manufacture discovered in the People’s Republic of China that manufactures customized animatronic products. INNOVA (a Sino –Turkish partnership) has professional expertise in designing, production as well as installation and serves clients from all over the world particularly Greece, Turkey, Russia, Netherland, USA, and Mexico. It covers more than 5000 square meter shops with over 50 skilled workers that guarantee high-quality items.

Why choose us!

Reliable and credible manufacturers and suppliersAdvice-For-Choosing-Realistic-Dinosaur-Costume-Suppliers-in-China-INNOVA-Technology

Dinosaur costumes are widely used in the Jurassic age world, especially for kids. The kind of excitement and joy they give kids makes us want to produce more and a wide variety of products. They play a significant role when it comes to entertaining kids and adults in cultural extravaganza or Halloween party. In fact, they make these celebrations more lively and awesome. That is why our products have a mechanical frame designed by experienced professors and well equipped to attain the best working effect. Our services are always accessible whenever you want: all you need is to just make a prior appointment with us.

Besides, our products come with a warranty on them implying that they are best and guaranteed. Be sure our items are long-lasting, and to enhance more durability we offer professional installation services as well as maintenance services.

High-quality products

Our core team mainly focuses on producing the best products that are critical to the industry. Our skilled team works round the clock 24 hours a day to enhance quality production and good installation in entertainment parks. Our products include miniature building, animatronic dinosaurs, lantern festival and customize products.

We are one of the best dinosaur costume suppliers in both China and all over the world. We use high-quality materials that are environment-friendly and safe to users especially kids. And due to this changing era, we give products that are up to date and interactive thus we hope that accustoming your kids to some of our robots is very helpful to them.

Accredited company

We possess all the credentials provided by entities such as ROHS, CE, and ISO to enhance fast services in terms of manufacturing and exportation. We know that going for these costumes is thousands of dollars investment and that is why we bring the best value for your money. We have been in the business for many years enabling us to build our reputation in the line of production with excellent customer services.


Are you planning to buy any animatronic customized items? Why don’t you contact us or visit our website for more information including making orders and delivery! Considering INNOVA Technology as your animatronic dinosaurs manufacturers is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.