Are you looking for animatronic dinosaur costume in China, Turkey or around the world? Go no further! INNOVA TECH is not only the first joint venture manufacturer of animatronic production in China and Turkey republics but also in Greece, Russia, Netherlands, USA, Mexico, and many other countries. To enhance precise designing, installation, and production of animatronic goods and services, we work on combined professional experience. We believe in helping our clients to finalize dozens of parks and exhibitions all over the world.

Our company includes a workshop over an area of about 5,000 square meters, and more than 50 employees of the production team guarantee quality products. Our skilled designing team can meet your needs: we have 7*24hours sales team to enhance this. We work hard to give both fantastic products and mindful services ever!

What we normally do

INNOVA TECH is engaged in satisfying our clients’ particular needs. We have extensive experience in designing a Jurassic Park or dinosaur amusement park, and we can also produce custom animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals so that we can adapt to or fit any special needs of our clients.

INNOVA TECH has a diversified range of activities, including scientific research, production, marketing, and exhibition and also renting. We reflect our superiority in the fact that we have a development team who carry professional research to enhance advanced manufacturing. We strive to provide our clients with high quality products. Thanks to our advanced technology, our innovativeness, and rational designing are on another level!

Our products are integrated with advanced technologies in a variety of fields like modern industrial design, electronic technology, mechanics, computer hardware and software and artificial intelligence. Our products are best applied everywhere; science and technology museums, dinosaurs amusement parks, shopping malls, resorts, city squares, etc.

INNOVA TECH adheres to “specialty, innovation, high quality, and benefits for all” business principle and devotes itself to providing technologically advanced exhibition products. We enhance all this through continuous innovation and development of new products, thus achieving benefits for both businesses and customers.Best-China-Dinosaur-Costume-Manufacturers-and-Suppliers-INNOVA

Why work with us

Reliability Company

With many years of experience in the production of animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur costumes, we have established a strict system of quality control, and the materials (like steel, sponge and electric motor) we use come from well-known suppliers in China. For instance, we use a high-density sponge instead of a regular sponge, galvanized steel instead of ordinary steel, a long-life brushless electric motor instead of normal brush one. These improvements give our products a longer life than others.

Excellent services

We have a readily accessed professional installation and maintenance team in China and Turkey to ensure that everything is made in time after sales service. Besides, we offer lifetime after-sales services, for non-man-made damages to your product within a year. We send repair personnel and materials to our accessible clients. For those we can’t reach, we help in repair via a video call.

Best producers

Our skilled staff has made us the leading China Dinosaur Costume suppliers in the industry. We are always dedicated to developing and designing both intelligent interactive and scientific products. In fact, we have achieved some accomplishments: INNOVA TECH has successfully produced thousands of animatronic products including realistic dinosaur costume.
In a nutshell, work with us and get the best products ever! For more information contact us or visit our website