Detail info for Taking Tree:

Type: Animatronic Talking tree, Simulation Talking tree, Robotic talking tree, Vivid Talking tree
Size: from 1-10m Height, can be customized base on client’s requirements
Material: steel frame+ high density foam + silicone rubber+leaves
Shape&Color: can be customized
Movements: Eyes Blink, Eyebrow move, Eyeball move, Nose move, Mouth open&close, Talking , Trunk move.
Advantage: waterproof, weatherproof
Control Mode: Infrared Sensor, Remote Control, Automatic, Coin Operated, Button, Touch Sensing, Customized etc.
Usage: Attraction and promotion.( Amusement park, Theme park, Museum, Playground, City Plaza, Shopping mall and other indoor / outdoor venues)
Power: 110/220V, AC, 200-800W
Min. Order: 1 set
Leading time: 15-30days, base on the quantity and dinosaur size
Warranty: 12 months

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