INNOVA Technology is a manufacturer in China. It mainly produces robotic dinosaurs of high quality along with various other products. It has achieved a great amount of expertise and success in the field of animatronics.

INNOVA is known for being the one and only joint venture manufacture that has been established in People’s Republic in China. INNOVA has a Turkish partnership and shares its long time experience of professional designing and manufacturing with it. Over the years of its regime, INNOVA has held its exhibitions in 10 parks and exhibitions across countries like Russia, USA, Greece, Turkey, Netherland, Mexico and the list goes on.

The INNOVA Factory and Team

The China dinosaur model factory comprises of a total 500 square meters and has more than 50 people working for it.

INNOVA assures production of great quality that brings imaginations to life with the help of its brilliant production and designing team.The professionally acclaimed sales team looks upon the needs and desires of the customers and works tirelessly to fulfill the same. INNOVA also has a professional installation team in both Turkey and China that maintains the after-sale service.

Products of INNOVA

The products of INNOVA give an experience of living your fantasy life. And not only are the products amazing, the service they provide is also of top notch.

INNOVA manufactures and sells a variety of products that include Lantern Festival, Miniature building, and other customized products. However they hold their best grade in producing Animatronic dinosaurs.

INNOVA Robotic dinosaurs

The customized robotic dinosaurs they present are the result of huge efforts. It involves not only labour but also brain to produce the fantastic robotic beasts.


The size usually varies from 1 to 60 meters in length or depends on the type of the dinosaur and the requirements of the customers.The material from which the life size model is made includes a steel frame with high density of foam and silicon rubber.The shape and color of the model again depends on two factors; the type of the dinosaur and the customer’s choice.These robotic dinosaurs involve a great deal of pre-programmed movements like the blinking of eyes and the opening and closing of the mouth. The heads can be made to move up and down and the neck moves in left and right directions. Other moments include motion while roaring, stomach breathing, movements of the tail, forelimbs and body. The robotic dinosaur can be controlled using a remote control, or it can be designed to be controlled by infrared signals. Sometimes the models are button High-Quality-Robotic-Dinosaurs-from-China-Manufacturer-INNOVA-Techcontrolled or coin operated. They can also be made touch sensitive or automatic. However the option to customize even the mode of control always remains accessible.


These customized robotic dinosaurs are usually created to grab attention of a large audience. So, they can come useful in promotion events. They are also used for pure entertainment in amusement parks or theme parks and even in Museums or shopping malls.

Delivery and Warranty:

The company usually delivers a product within 30 days of order that might vary in some cases based on the quantity and size and offers a warranty period of 12 months.

Alongside delivering fantastic products, INNOVA maintains a strong bond with the customers always prioritizing their needs and choices.