The stories surrounding dinosaurs are quite fascinating. These prehistoric monsters had huge and long necks and tails. Their scary toothed beaks made them the scariest beasts on earth. Although we only read epic stories about them, we can still experience their simulations to know how they looked like. At Innova Technology, we bring technology, engineering, and science together to take entertainment and amusement to the next level.

What we do

We’re experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing dinosaur simulations. We also offer repair and maintenance services for the dinosaurs we sell to clients. Moreover, we also provide creative and highly decorative ideas for exhibitions and other related events. We can help you design and install animatronic dinosaurs in museums, amusement parks, shopping malls, centers and Jurassic restaurants and many more.

Why we’re the leading Simulation Dinosaur Manufacturer in China

•We make high-quality animatronic dinosaurs with life-like characteristics

The dinosaurs we make are more than just mere simulations. With a focus on detailed simulation dinosaur manufacture process, we guarantee the best products. Our dinosaurs display human-like features such as blinking of the eyes, the opening of the mouth, movement of neck, head, forelimbs, stomach, and breathing and more.

•Top-grade materials

For added durability, we use top grade materials such as silicon rubber, steel frames, and high-density foams. The materials are both water and weatherproof. It means you can use them outdoors without impacting on toughness.

•Our manufacture process is detailedInnova-Technology-High-Quality-Simulation-Dinosaur-Manufacturers

Our dinosaur making procedure is detailed and includes multiple stages ranging from design through modeling and carving to mechanical testing, texture, and painting. Additionally, they come with all the needed accessories and the installation process is quite simple.

•We can customize our products to suit different needs

Depending on your preferred shape, color and size, we can customize the design manufacture process to match your dinosaur usage needs. Custom handcrafting enables us to make animatronic dinosaurs that look more real. They are both thrilling and entertaining and are ideal for use in different settings.

•We have a variety of options for you to choose from

Whether you’re looking for an animatronic dinosaur with real life-like features, a robotic dinosaur, simulation dinosaur or dinosaur costume, you can be assured to find them from us.

In case you have any idea that you want to bring into reality, be sure to work with our skilled design team and make it real. We have over 50 design professionals working in the production department. They are all experienced and skilled in design, electronic technology, computer simulations, mechanics, and artificial intelligence. We, therefore, guarantee you the most fantastic product depending on how you want to use it.

We are global

Being the leading simulation dinosaur suppliers in China, we work with customers from various parts of the world including Europe, UAE, Middle East, Africa, Balkan, and Russia among others. We also have lots of entertainment parks in Turkey, Netherlands, Mexico, United States of America, and Russia, Contact us today at Innova Technologies for the best China simulation dinosaur price.